Environmental Mission Statement
Environmentally friendly and socially responsible event planning & coordination of your earth-friendly activity.   Our priorities are your needs & tastes implemented in a fun, yet classy manner. 
Welcome to GreenEventsHawaii.com

As a company we have been planning & coordinating events, weddings, receptions & boat charters
for close to a quarter century here in Hawaii

In this day and age of global warming and diminishing resources there comes a time when one needs to examine ones business practices and be sure they are in harmony with the planet's agenda.    We have recently evaluated our operations and found we were already doing all the right things the past 20+ years.  From recycling whenever possible to using group transportation to move parties around the Island, to using outdoor venues rather than air conditioned hotel banquent rooms to operating sailing vessels rather than petroleum guzzling motor craft we have been riding the green wave long before it became politically correct.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 29 November 2007 )
Sustainable Ecosystems and Community News - ENN
Sustainable Ecosystems and Community News - ENN
  • The Importance of Biodiversity in Forests Could Increase Due to Climate Change
    Leipzig. Forests fulfil numerous important functions, and do so particularly well if they are rich in different species of trees. This is the result of a new study. In addition, forest managers do not have to decide on the provision of solely one service – such as wood production or...
  • Virginia Tech works to protect Africa's crops against invasive pests
    As invasive and indigenous insect pests continue to wreak havoc on crops across Africa, a Virginia Tech-led project is intensifying its work to coordinate a response that looks beyond geographic and financial barriers.Stopping crop losses requires working across borders, said Muni Muniappan, director of the Virginia Tech-led Feed the Future...
  • University of Oregon research maps major shifts in Colorado River history
    Geologists have long debated how and when the Colorado River made its first connection to the ocean. In a new study, a team led by the UO’s Becky Dorsey has helped pull the river’s story together.The river did not, as many thought, simply roar down out of the Colorado Plateau...